Welcome to the National Best New Business Awards

Congratulations to our 2018 Finalists!

Welcome to the National Best New Business Awards, a credible opportunity to support and share in our vision to raise the profile of  industrious, hardworking and enterprising SME’s Nationally.

Business awards are a sought after accolade of achievement, a veritable endorsement of success in business which offers exceptional marketing and PR opportunities as well as increasing your credibility and standing in the eyes of your peers and your customers. Of course, it feels pretty wonderful too!


The Awards are open to any business in the UK that commenced business between 1st January 2015 and 31st December 2017. If your business started before this date, please see our SME Business Awards at www.smenationalbusinessawards.co.uk

The Awards

The National Best New Business Awards are made up of 17 categories that allow any successful new business in the UK to enter these prestigious awards. All entries are judged by up to 4 of our national panel of judges. If you want your business to shine, this IS the best possible way to hit the spotlight. The pinnacle of the awards is the Grand Awards Celebration, in London.

Our Blogs

5 key benefits that make awards a business priority

26th Feb 2018

The SME National Business Awards offers a brand new opportunity to receive credible recognition for your business in one of 13 categories. The University of Leicester found winning awards generates financial improvement just a year after your success.

Previous award winner - Young Business Person of the Year 2017

26th Feb 2018

I think I got the bug for awards after winning a couple of journalism competitions prior to and during my University years.

Frances Pardell - Pardell PR

4th Jan 2018

How do you win an award?

Winning an award is great. If your name or your company’s name is announced as the winner, no matter what the award is, you’ll feel like you’ve just won an Oscar. It is that good.