Award-Winning Professional Bid Writers

We’re very proud to announce that our CEO, John Hudson, has won Entrepreneur of the Year at the Best New Business Awards 2019!

Not only did John manage to claim this brilliant award, he was also named runner up for Business Person of the Year! This is a huge accomplishment for John and also a huge success for the professional bid writers here at Hudson. As a team, we’re incredibly supportive in all endeavours, and wish the best for all awards and opportunities our team opts to go for.

This outstanding achievement is certainly cause for celebration! John is thrilled to have won the Entrepreneur of the Year.

John Said…

‘After a fabulous evening celebrating in London, it was a huge honour to be announced as Entrepreneur of the Year. Meeting other shortlisted businesses and getting to know each other was a great opportunity. Thank you to the Best New Business Awards for a wonderful evening and making us feel so welcome, and proud!’

It’s great to see that our dedication here at Hudson is being recognised. I’m ecstatic to have won this award! It was a great surprise to hear my name called and I’m very proud we’ve created a Group that comes together and supports each other’.

Hudson in 2019

Winning this award means a lot to us here at Hudson, showing us that we are being acknowledged for our business approach and ideas for the future. With 2018 being a prosperous year, we foresaw that 2019 was going to be one of success for our business. Our teams are continually growing, hiring new professional bid writers and bid managers to boost the business’s capabilities.

It’s great that we’re advancing and brilliant that John’s efforts over the past year have been acknowledged with this amazing award!

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